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Old Monk "Birds of Belize" LP/Digital + Tote Bag Package


Old Monk package contains "Birds of Belize" LP/digital + Old Monk silkscreened tote bag.


Old Monk "Birds of Belize" LP/digital
released: January 17, 2012

Yellow vinyl pressing of "Birds of Belize" and an mp3 download card that includes the full album, plus 3 bonus tracks.

1. Sacred Birds
2. Butter and Toast
3. Napoleon's Wife
4. Warm Moustache
5. Destination Ubiquity
6. More Peat Moss, Please
7. Hacksaw Cannibalism
8. Trash Arond
9. Noise
10. Telephone Bones
11. Wimpy Olympians
12. Skullsplitter

bonus tracks (digital only):
13. Monocle
14. Class A Stock
15. Tartan Lingerie