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"Etienne!" DVD (featuring Great Northern)

Image of "Etienne!" DVD (featuring Great Northern)


Great Northern leaders Rachel Stolte and Solon Bixler play supporting roles in this heartwarming road movie Etienne! written and directed by Jeff Mizushima.

Etienne! tells the story of Richard who spends his days taking care of his best friend, Etienne, a dwarf hamster. When Etienne is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Richard decides to take the hamster on a bicycle road trip to give it a chance to see the world before it dies. Etienne! also, tells the story of Elodi, a free spirit who sets out on a road trip of self-discovery. As the journey's of both Richard and Elodie unfold, the two become fatefully connected as the life of Etienne turns their cosmic worlds into a much smaller place.